Singing For The Terrified, Songthreads and Songthreads Chamber Choir.


Patrissia Cuberous’s classes, whatever the level, are highly instructional yet fun. Some find her “quirky” but behind that is a very talented and uniquely qualified teacher.

There are “singing exercises”, to be done, making ranges of sounds that, at first, seem nonsensical and only later do you realise their value and start to use them yourself and, if Patrissia wants a particular sound, she will offer instruction and coaching on how to produce it.

While many Choirs and Chorales expect you to “sight read” Musical scores and levy charges on every score used….if you don’t have a score…you don’t get to sing!

In contrast, with ‘Terrified’ and Songthreads no one expects “sight reading” and everything is free other than the fee for the term, which is very reasonable, especially considering the quality of what’s offered. Peter West


The well documented healing and uplifting powers of singing I truly understand now, and that's in a great part down to you - so thank you for introducing me to this, and staying with me on this wonderful journey. Paul Bannister