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Singing for the Terrified Special Workshops September 2018

Aimed to introduce, remind, and just for fun! revision of vocal technique and harmony methods and the basics of sight reading I teach. And of course, just to sing along all those old beloved Easy rounds and simple songs. 

Songthreads Special 

Carmen's Toreador Song September 2018

For Students who have completed successfully the Singing for the Terrified segments or anyone who can tune and keep the beat accurately and who are able to sing their ensemble individual part in a correct and enjoyable manner. 

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 I am available to lead and teach the following workshops:

Dance for the Terrified /Tango for the Terrified

Tango is not a dance: it is a soul to soul dialogue.

For dancers with very little or no experience, including those with two left feet and no sense of rhythm. No need to bring a partner; only soft soled shoes. For more info about our Tango music, dance and performance, go to

Singing for the Terrified

If you can speak, you can sing. The organs and brain connections are the same. You just need to plug them right, feel the fear and do it anyway!

TangoTheatre for Singles and Couples

Would you like to have a really special encounter with your partner/husband/lover? Or with someone you just met? Tango is that special way...